Monday, September 9, 2013

Game review:Harem Collector.

Ok here are the two games that I will be reviewing.

First you is a hentai rpg game called Harem Collector by No Moshing and his crew.

The idea behind Harem Collector is that you play as a very, moraly challaged hero who wants to put his life in the slums behind him.

How is he going to do that you might ask.

Simple by becoming and adventurer and his goals are simple.

Fame, fortune and a big ass manison with a bounty of sexy slave girls.

One hundred and fifty one of them to be percise.

Why does the hero want 151 sexy slave girls?

Well acording to the Hero 151 is a sacred number, why that is I do not know, most likely it is an inside joke between No Moshing and his crew.

But all in all gathering a 151 slave girls will be quite the challage.

An intresting thing about Harem Collector is that you just don't simpely gather slave girls and have nothing but sex with them, you have a working relationship system between the hero and his slave girls which is quite intresting.

Basicly how the relationship system works is by treating your slave girls well such as buying them sweets, toys, both normal and erotic you build your relationship with the slave girls in question., however each slave girl as a speical item that will give you a +2 to realtionships instead of +1, also some of your slave girls do not like some of the things you would give them them as a gift.

I'm not sure if giving your slave girl the worng gift will bring down your relationshp with them or not.

But still it's an intresting angle to the ususal hentai rpg game.

Also like Overwhored there is a fair amount of humor in the game which makes Harem Collector an enjoyable game so if you want a laugh or two or just a good chuckle them I would tell you to try this fine game.

Another thing about Harem Collector is that you gain fame, cash and slave by underaking a number of quest both for the adventuring guild or on your own so be sure to interact with with everyone and everything you encounter.

Also I did mention that the hero wants a big ass manison, you can not only buy a manison but other household and shops.

The thing I like about Harem Collector is that you not only have a working bank in order to build up your money but also if you do not generate a stady stream of income you lose your manison.

So how do you build up a steady stream of income besides adventuring?

By investing in bussineses in the gaming world which is something you don't ususaly see in a hentai rpg game and yes there is a working slave market that you can nt only buy slave girls but you can also invest in and even though you can't make a bad investment or invent in a bussine that goes bust in the latest verison of Harem Collector that might be worked in to the game in a later update since this game is a work in progress.

Also another thing I would like to mention about upgrading in the game is not only can you upgrade your manison and your shops but you can also gain personal upgrades for your hero such as special attacks and upgrades to your special attacks and a few other intresting events that I'm not going to mention so as not to ruin the surprise and enjoy ment of this fine game.

But you might ask how do you use the upgrading system?

By building up your personal satsifaction, either through sex or other itemns and events.

So like I said before interact with everything in the game.

Now on to the technical aspects of Harem Collector.

Game play in Harem Collector is smooth, as of the latest release there are no bugs in the game which is good, combat is fairly stright forwards and enjoyable, personaly I find like with all rpg games is that once you reach a certen level combat becomes a little to easy, meanng that once you reach a certin level the enemies become nothing more then a pez dispencers of gold and items.

However it has to be said that the combat in Harem Collector is not a walk in the park, there are some fights that you and your party can lose, but I do beileve that in the case of rpg games that the person(s) who make these homebrewed and even camrical rpg games need to make some of the encounters to match the power level of the player.

So I do beileve that not only will there be more challenging fights in the future releases of Harem Collector but also the combat system is set so there are not real random encounters that would wipe out your party by pitting you aginst powerful enemies which is a good thing.

Now as for the game world it is big and even though Harem Collector is a work in progress the lands and cities and encounters are well done and well placed and not just done haphazrdly and as the game progress in development there will be more added content in the gaming world when it comes to locations and encounters.

So Harem Collector get's top marks in my books for the world building in this fine game.

As for the hentai sex scenes in Harem Collector they are 3d CGs from a mid level 3d hentai game which is ok as No Moshing and his crew are using the tools at hand so don't let that distract you from the other top notch aspects of Harem Collector.

The game play in Harem Collector is not only logical and well thought out but you won't find WTF content or events that don't make any sense when it comes to a homebrewed hentai rpg game when it first comes out, I'm not sure how long No Moshing and his crew have been working on Harem Collector but they seem to know what they are doing so I give No Moshing and his crew top marks when it comes to a well thought our hentai role playing game.

So the over all rating for Harem Collector is as follows.

Game play:10 out of 10

Graphics:9 out of 10

Fun and humor:10 out of 10

Storyline:10 out of 10

Overall Harem Collector is a sold 10 out of 10 game that is well worth your time to download and play, also if you do grab on to this game be sure to give No Moshing and his crew some feed back.

Here is the link to No Moshing's blog where you can find the lastest verison of Harem Collector.


  1. Awesome idea for a blog, and first post!

    I await other games reviews!

    My suggestion for a great next one would be...Harem (not Harem Collector)

    I like HC, but Harem has to be my absolute favourite.. and I'd love to know what you think!

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