Monday, September 9, 2013

Game review:Dungeon Assault

The human mind is a strange thing.

If you deprive it of sleep and jack it up on coffee it comes up with strange and intresting things.

Dungeon Assault is the unholy love child of the Rpg Maker game system and Rouge Like games.

I have to say that Dungeon Assault is an intresting game as you play a party of four adventures who's mission to to assault the dungeon of a succubus and defeat her.

Sounds like your standard rpg game fare, but however each dungeon is randomly generated when it comes to the shape of the dungeon and the encounters and loot.

Since Dungeon Assault is an exspermental all rpg game you will find that in some cases it will be easy going and at other times it's a grind which is good if you happen to be a smart player.

There are 12 randomly generated levels to Dungeon Assault that get progressive harder as you deleve deeper into the dungeon which is good.

However sinces this is just a v 1.1 verison of this game there are a few nits in the game.

1:in your party you have a guy who is listed as a priestess instead of a priest.

2:As the game progresses I find that while some of the fights are well done the party levels up way to fast, whoever given the random nature of the game that's to be exspected I sapose.

Other then those two thng and the fact that there is no hentai in this game I have to say Dungeon Assault if a good game with a lot of potental, a great deal of potental in fact.

So the over all rating is as follows.

Dungeon Assault:

Game play:10 out of 10

Graphic:10 out of 10

Story:5 out of 10

Fun&humor:0 out of 10

Overall this game is good if you want a stright out fight and loot game but DO NOT pass this gem up for it as so much potental that it's not even funny and since this game is pretty much in it's early stages I can for see good things coming about as the game progresses.

Here's the link to No Moshing's blog where you can find Dungeon Assault.

Be sure to encourage No Moshing and his crew to work on this game and bring up to it's full potental.

Happy hacking and looting.


  1. I like where you are going with this blog, but I would like to point something out. You should really use some kind of spell check on your post before you post them. You have around 15 spelling errors and around 5 grammar errors that really hurt what you are trying to say. Other than that, I'll keep a bookmark and try to see what you can do in the future.

    1. I know I have bad spelling and grammar, it's because I have mental disabilities that makes spelling tricky some times, I'm glad you have book marked my blog, I'll try to keep the reviews going now that I'm back on line after my computer croaked.